Toro Rosso

The Toro Rosso website says 1St Season 1st Point Just the Beginning More to come- that is to be seen with the next season starting in 2007.Toro Rosso is actually talian for Red Bull Race Team.
The Team entered F1 in 2006 with Drivers: V Liuzzi of Italy whose best finish was Highest race finish: 8 and only 2 points to his name and S Speed from America whose Highest race finish was 9 and no points in 2006, and test driver N Jani. The team was using the STR1 chassis and a powerful Cosworth (V10) engine.

The team had its, highest race finish of 8 from the United States Grand Prix Grand Prix, and thus gaining one point that made them. Vitantonio Liuzzi was the last qualified driver in the Drivers standings. This was very good considering that this was their first season. I would consider the Team to be happy with the results they have got this year, and by the looks of it they are training and testing for 2007.


There aren’t many changes the team has made for the 2007 season the team is the same the 2007 car has not been released but next year they will have a FERRARI engine which will be interesting to see. The 2006 car was a good car it had a 10 cylinder TJ2006 series 14 Cosworth Engine cased in a composite monocoque structure STR 1 chasis. The engine had restrictions of capacity as they had a 10 cylinder engine. Recently, the Toro Rossos have struggled in qualifying due to the fact that competitors can crank up their engine to 20,000 RPM to get more power out of the engine. To try and balance the playing field Toro

Rosso asked for an extra 500 revs for qualifying, however the FIA permitted them 300 revs only.Being the sister team of RBR or Red bull racing many have argued that the STR1’s is similar to the Red Bull RB1, but there are some differences.

In 2007 the team has good plans and will be looking forward to prove it is competitive with the new STR02 Chassis Bridgestone Tyres and Ferrari 057 Engine, they might just be a team to look out for.