The Spyker MF1 team- in full it stands for Spyker Midland F1 racing team entered Formula 1 as the first Russian team with team principle Colin Kolles of Germany. Initially the team was known as the MF1 or the Midland F1 racing team, but was sold to Spyker during the last few races of the season thus being known as Spyker MF1. In 2007 the Team is registered as Spyker F1.

The team did not qualify in the standing as they had no points to their credit. They raced with a Toyota V8 RVX-06 (2006) engine. Again as it was a not a very big team they had to compromise with the V8 engines when the rest of the track were using V6 engines with higher capacity. The team seemed confident that they could challenge the Toro Rossos, Red Bulls and BMW Saubers and establishing a place as a midfielder. But of course the team did not have a very promising season they were just about better than the Super Aguri team they were far from reaching their goal, but may be with the new Ferrari engines for 2007 they may be more competitive with the mid runners. The team was disqualified in the German GP and never raced. They had several engine problems and finished less than half the races.

The Car Full carbon fibre composite monocoque Chassis, In-house Midland MF1 Racing design. 7-speed reverse longitudinal gearbox with electrohydraulic sequential gear change, The Toyota RVX-06 8-Cylinder 2398cc engine capable of more than 700bhp and approx. 20,000rpm. The Car is good the chasis was reliable, but not challenging enough.

The team Principle in recent interviews said they are looking to be quicker with more sponsors on board and the new Ferrari Engine. Hope they do better than 2006.