Red Bull Racing


The RED BULL RACING team came into existence at the end of the 2004 season when the Australian energy drink company Red Bull purchased the underperforming Jaguar team. Their Debut year was in 2005 at the Australian Grand Prix. Here the team raced with the Cosworth engine that was then being developed for the 2005 Chasis. The Red Bull Racing has a close and long lasting relationship with Ferrari,they used the ferrari V8 engines in 2006. However they will be using a Renault V8 engine in 2007. It is to be noted that RBR is here to stay and will not leave as it is one of four teams to sign the Concorde Agreement which comes into effect in 2008.


The team is based out of Milton Keynes in the United Kingdom. The Team principal is the British Christian Horner, Technical director, Mark Smith from the United Kingdom
Race drivers are #14. David Coulthard from the UK and #15. Australian Mark Webber. The teams Test drivers are Michael Ammermüller of Germany who has scored up some of the fastest test laps at the end of testing for 2006.

In 2006 the team used a powerful Ferrari V8 Engine built for the RB3 Chassis. They were one of the few teams using Bridgestone Tyres. In the past two years in Racing they have never won a Race, or secured a pole position, their best was in 2006 finishing in 7th position with 16 points. The team has shown continuous development in their racing and is looking at taking on the likes of Williams. They have also revamped their Pit equipment, and they want to be the best according to the team Manager Jonathan Wheatley. They have big hopes for the cars in the next year and they are looking forward to doing a good job in practice and testing with the new cars and put up a real good fight.
We can expect the Team to make a few friends and many enemies and they do their best to reach the top.