Red Bull Racing


The RED BULL RACING team came into existence at the end of the 2004 season when the Australian energy drink company Red Bull purchased the underperforming Jaguar team. Their Debut year was in 2005 at the Australian Grand Prix. Here the team raced with the Cosworth engine that was then being developed for the 2005 Chasis. The Red Bull Racing has a close and long lasting relationship with Ferrari,they used the ferrari V8 engines in 2006. However they will be using a Renault V8 engine in 2007. It is to be noted that RBR is here to stay and will not leave as it is one of four teams to sign the Concorde Agreement which comes into effect in 2008.


The team is based out of Milton Keynes in the United Kingdom. The Team principal is the British Christian Horner, Technical director, Mark Smith from the United Kingdom
Race drivers are #14. David Coulthard from the UK and #15. Australian Mark Webber. The teams Test drivers are Michael Ammermüller of Germany who has scored up some of the fastest test laps at the end of testing for 2006.

In 2006 the team used a powerful Ferrari V8 Engine built for the RB3 Chassis. They were one of the few teams using Bridgestone Tyres. In the past two years in Racing they have never won a Race, or secured a pole position, their best was in 2006 finishing in 7th position with 16 points. The team has shown continuous development in their racing and is looking at taking on the likes of Williams. They have also revamped their Pit equipment, and they want to be the best according to the team Manager Jonathan Wheatley. They have big hopes for the cars in the next year and they are looking forward to doing a good job in practice and testing with the new cars and put up a real good fight.
We can expect the Team to make a few friends and many enemies and they do their best to reach the top.

WilliamsF1 Team

One of the Best teams of 2005 with Juan Pablo Montoya and Ralf Schumacher lost the BMW engine in 2006 due to some differences between the team principle Frank Williams and BMW. Williams entered the 2006 season with a lot of hopes, and promise but could not face the challenge with the Cosworth engine.

The team did show a lot of improvement during the season and cannot be made small after all they have won 9 world titles The Team won their first title in 1980. We still remember the 1997 race win by Jacques Villeneuve who won the teams 100th race. The team is one which can be counted with the likes of Ferrari’s and Mclaren, they have had one of their worst seasons in 2006. But we can expect more from them in 2007.


Some of the most renowned names in Formula one have raced for Williams, including Finland’s Keke Rosberg; Britain’s Nigel Mansell and Damon Hill; France’s Alain Prost and Brazil’s Ayrton Senna. As a matter of fact the Legendary Ayrton Senna Died in the Williams Car during the 1994 San Marino Grand Prix. Another Interesting Fact about the Williams F1 team is that their best engine partnership was with the Renault engine- They won 5 out of their 9 races with a Renault Engine.

Williams made a deal with Toyota the Japanese car manufacturer who will supply Williams with the engines from 2007 Season. With the new driver Alexander Wurz joining Nico Rosberg on the grid. Continuing with Indian Narain Karthikeyan alongside the new Toyota star Japaneese Kazuki Nakajima will be their test drivers for 2007.

In the 2206 season the team used the Cosworth CA 2006 V8 it had a Displacement: 2398cc Engine Construction: Block and pistons aluminium, crankshaft steel billet, connecting rods in titanium reaching a Maximum Engine Speed of 20,000rpm. The team has decided to keep a few of the details undisclosed such as the Weight and Maximum power. Very little is know about the Car for the next season: It has a strong Williams FW30 Chasis not much is known about this Chasis at the moment but it is an advanced version of the FW28, it cases the Toyota RVX-07 Engine- not a lot known about this engine at this time. But we wish the Team the best for next season.

Toro Rosso

The Toro Rosso website says 1St Season 1st Point Just the Beginning More to come- that is to be seen with the next season starting in 2007.Toro Rosso is actually talian for Red Bull Race Team.
The Team entered F1 in 2006 with Drivers: V Liuzzi of Italy whose best finish was Highest race finish: 8 and only 2 points to his name and S Speed from America whose Highest race finish was 9 and no points in 2006, and test driver N Jani. The team was using the STR1 chassis and a powerful Cosworth (V10) engine.

The team had its, highest race finish of 8 from the United States Grand Prix Grand Prix, and thus gaining one point that made them. Vitantonio Liuzzi was the last qualified driver in the Drivers standings. This was very good considering that this was their first season. I would consider the Team to be happy with the results they have got this year, and by the looks of it they are training and testing for 2007.


There aren’t many changes the team has made for the 2007 season the team is the same the 2007 car has not been released but next year they will have a FERRARI engine which will be interesting to see. The 2006 car was a good car it had a 10 cylinder TJ2006 series 14 Cosworth Engine cased in a composite monocoque structure STR 1 chasis. The engine had restrictions of capacity as they had a 10 cylinder engine. Recently, the Toro Rossos have struggled in qualifying due to the fact that competitors can crank up their engine to 20,000 RPM to get more power out of the engine. To try and balance the playing field Toro

Rosso asked for an extra 500 revs for qualifying, however the FIA permitted them 300 revs only.Being the sister team of RBR or Red bull racing many have argued that the STR1’s is similar to the Red Bull RB1, but there are some differences.

In 2007 the team has good plans and will be looking forward to prove it is competitive with the new STR02 Chassis Bridgestone Tyres and Ferrari 057 Engine, they might just be a team to look out for.


The Spyker MF1 team- in full it stands for Spyker Midland F1 racing team entered Formula 1 as the first Russian team with team principle Colin Kolles of Germany. Initially the team was known as the MF1 or the Midland F1 racing team, but was sold to Spyker during the last few races of the season thus being known as Spyker MF1. In 2007 the Team is registered as Spyker F1.

The team did not qualify in the standing as they had no points to their credit. They raced with a Toyota V8 RVX-06 (2006) engine. Again as it was a not a very big team they had to compromise with the V8 engines when the rest of the track were using V6 engines with higher capacity. The team seemed confident that they could challenge the Toro Rossos, Red Bulls and BMW Saubers and establishing a place as a midfielder. But of course the team did not have a very promising season they were just about better than the Super Aguri team they were far from reaching their goal, but may be with the new Ferrari engines for 2007 they may be more competitive with the mid runners. The team was disqualified in the German GP and never raced. They had several engine problems and finished less than half the races.

The Car Full carbon fibre composite monocoque Chassis, In-house Midland MF1 Racing design. 7-speed reverse longitudinal gearbox with electrohydraulic sequential gear change, The Toyota RVX-06 8-Cylinder 2398cc engine capable of more than 700bhp and approx. 20,000rpm. The Car is good the chasis was reliable, but not challenging enough.

The team Principle in recent interviews said they are looking to be quicker with more sponsors on board and the new Ferrari Engine. Hope they do better than 2006.